Our In-Home Maternity Photos


These truly are images that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

And I’ll be honest. When I was pregnant, I didn’t think I needed to have maternity photos taken. Yes, I knew that we would want this season of life documented; but, I figured the collection of photos on our iPhones were enough. I KNOW! Coming from a photographer who deeply believes in documenting memories and each season of life and change, that sounds ridiculous.

Especially now that our daughter has long since arrived. After she was born I had moments when I sort of felt like I was mourning being pregnant. That feels weird to write — but it is the best way I can describe it. I didn’t want to forget those nine months of how it felt to carry her. There are SO MANY memories and moments that come to mind from those nine months. Looking at these images of Ray and I during my pregnancy allowed me to relive those special, fleeting times that the three of us had together. I truly cannot imagine not having these photos to reminisce and remember how it f e l t.

Excitement. Joy. Nervousness. Overwhelming love and connection.

I think sometimes it is easy for us as individuals to feel undeserving when it comes to doing things for ourselves. Whether you are my client or not, I truly believe that everyone deserves to have their lives and moments documented. Life is fleeting. You deserve to take the time to have your life, love, family — whatever it is — photographed.

Getting these photos is now allowing me to look back so fondly on all of these moments we had together during my pregnancy. That single portrait at the beginning of this post means everything to me. If Daniel only delivered that single image, I would have all I need to remember how it felt to be in that moment with Ray and Isla.

And at that time, I was on my second week of bed rest due to pre-term labor. Sick and tired of sitting in our house on the couch, I was going to cancel our session because we couldn’t make it to an outdoor location. But Daniel insisted he come and set up a backdrop in our dining room. We are so grateful that he did! I was able to stand for a few minutes of portraits and then sit back down when needed. And at the end we finished it with guacamole and lime chips in the kitchen. So basically, my idea of a great day!

Endless thank yous to Daniel for these images and for being such a great friend to our small family.